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No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. #sayhellotoanewride #weareimperial #weareimperial #springvibes #imperialriding #equestrianwithstyle

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Outstanding Sportswear For Awesome Equestrians

We are outspoken ‘cos we have something to say. We are the fun and colourful horse-riding brand with attitude. We are cooler than ice cream. Horses are our lives. They are more than a hobby, more than a passion, they are our obsession! So expect to see horses appearing in lots of the things that we make. They are a part of everything we do!

Shine Bright, Ride Bright

Our collections are stylish, glamorous, chic and shine bright like a diamond. We were born to sparkle! Colour is our secret weapon. It makes us stand out, because we wanna be outstanding! Living colourfully is a really essential part of our dna.

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